Fine Knit Cap w/Stripe

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Fine Knit Cap w/Stripe

Dahl Auto Hat

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About This Product
This comfortable skull cap is made of a fine knit 100% acrylic. It features a contrast stripe edge.

Color: Athletic Oxford/Black

Dahl Automotive Work Apparel Color Restrictions
ABRA: Black or White
Clearview: Black/Grey/White
Line-X: Black/Grey/White
Ford-Lincoln: White/Black/Blue/Grey
Hyundai: White/Black/Blue/Grey
Mazda: White/Black/Blue/Grey
Subaru: White/Black/Blue/Grey
Toyota: White/Black/Red/Grey
Chevy, Buick, GMC: All Except Red
DUCES: White/Black/Grey (only the sales team can wear other approved colors)
Corporate: All Colors